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Need help in contacting

Please message me (+18477727174, with the +, on IM (not MSN IM) or using e-mail, to my phone, IMs should be listed or you can ask Kaiti or Todd, or reply here. Phone is fastest and an e-mail that's not to my phone I won't see at all)...

Okay a mouthful, anyway please message me if you can contact someone on WoW on the Tanaris server for me. If referring to me in public you can refer to me as Rayvn. Just want to let him know I am trying to call him - his caller ID's been fucked up recently and I need to meet with him BEFORE Monday and tomorrow is not really a big option - especially since we may need more then one meeting and conversation across a few different days.

We're not fighting or anything he just won't freaking install XFire! :X
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