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Gift Cards

I have the following gift cards that I need to get rid of:

Borders $4.31, $100 (also valid at Waldenbooks)
Blockbuster $20, $2.97
The Children's Place $45.62
Dining Dough $25 (valid at any non-fast-food restaurant)
Jewel $10 (Jewel, Albertson's, ACME, Osco, Savon drugs)
Pier 1 $16.08
Bloomingdale's $74.12
Carson Pirie Scott $27.84 (Bon-Ton, Bergner's, Boston Store, Elder-Beerman, Herberger's, Younkers, Carson Pirie Scott)
Neiman Marcus $32.56
Pottery Barn Kids $71.65 (Pottery Barn? Not specified.)
Nordstrom $311.03
K.B. Toys 26¢

I have some more that I haven't checked the prices on yet, so let me know if there is anywhere specific that you go a lot. I also have some other stuff, like C.D. Players, phone chargers, instruction manuals, etc., but apparently my camera's WiFi needs a cable anyway so I don't have it on eBay yet (the gift cards are not on eBay mostly).

I crashed my car and had someone offer to give me $300 to get it out, but I couldn't get the money in time because they didn't have a PayPal account yet so it would have taken three days for them to set it up, by which time it was an extra $240 plus the cost of the new hood and engine piece - a new car is cheaper. So that's what I need, in part because I have collected so much stuff since I did actually have a car to put it in, although the police stole a few blankets last night and I can't get those back now. But most importantly, there is a place me & Stephen were supposed to go, that he has been wanting to go to for three years or more, and having a car to take him there in is about the only way to get him to stop being an asshole so I can do something other then cry all day and... other things.

Also, if you don't need money for college or don't want to have an account for yourself, you can help Loki (my son) get money for college (for free, by registering grocery and credit cards and then it's like 1 - 3% of your purchasaes anywhere) by clicking here... uh, never mind, you can't do it through a link, which makes sense since you can't exactly mass-market this. If you want to help you can give me your e-mail or sign up at, then click "Family & Friends > Offer to Help". I assume it is searchable by name, his name is Loki Johnson.

And yeah there's a website where you can get a free $25 and I get $10 in exchange for them attempting to boycott PayPal (you can still continue to use PayPal, though), but I'm sure I must have linked that already somewhere and if I didn't and you want the free money (no catches on this one just trying to get their site known, then post a comment and ask.
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