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YSRMB Poll READ and link to friends!!!!

Poll #1216787 YSRMB Poll

If I created and admined a YSRMB message board, would you join/post?

No, but not because of you (I would not post at *any* new YSRMB board).

I am not aware of any current message board serving our pupose - I know of a free hosting server and my friends Sage, UE, Link and Make will have to help me with integrating that with free MB software but the question is would you ignore the board just because I'm the one making it?  (Well, in reverse that is.)
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Maybe. I dunno. It's hard enough to get me to update my LJ sometimes, let alone remember to check a message board.
That's why I always enable e-mail subscriptions for any board I am at :P. I think you had posted at Lisa's last attempt, though, didn't you?
umm this is Ryan and I'd absolutely join! i'd love to see the old YSRMSers! Things have changed so much for me over the years and I'd love to see how everyone is doing ^_^
I've been gone from YSRMB for years and I'm really not interested in returning. Why have a messageboard anymore when LJ is here and serves the same function or thereabouts? LJ has just killed my interest in forums.
I honestly don't think I'd post at the board. YSRMB was one portion of my life and it was good while it lasted but it kind of died out and I accepted that and I don't think I could capture that same feeling again. It's a nice idea but I, personally, will not be posting.
I don't know. Lisa's already kinda started one...

I'd like to be in contact with a lot of the people I used to know, but I kinda get the feeling that most of them just moved on. I doubt it'd ever be the same anyway.
Well, Lisa's already started another one. (It's here if you haven't seen it: So I'm not sure how successful you'd be.
Ah! As I said, if she had set up another one I wasn't aware of it. Thank Wendy! (aware of it)... but that one's totally based off Tsubasa Chronicles, so I guess you'd have to be a hardcore fan of that series in order to want to post there (the original YSRMB wasn't quite so detailed in forum subjects). I think if that board becomes sucessful (it is successful, appaerntly, but I meant member-wise and whatnot - it says there are 8 lol), it will probably be either more selective or a whole different group of people. Though, I'm sure that quite satisfies anyone who's there and hasn't lost touch with anyone in particular that they miss.

Yeah, the problem with that was when the first version of Sosei no Kurayami first opened up it had no particular aim so a few members came back and then it petered out after awhile and no new members joined because it didn't really have any chance of being picked up by the search engines. So towards the end the remaining members discussed making a new board with more of a central theme so hopefully it'd have more life to it.

...It hasn't quite worked yet though X_x despite the fact that it's easy to find within search engines.
Yeah see I didn't see any of those 'cause when I got to the e-amils saying "There has been a reply to this post," I clicked on the link and it was gone.
Yeah, that's been a disappointment...granted, there's things I can do to help it all along, I just haven't gotten around to them. A lot of it requires research and fully optimizing search results so we're on page 1 on as many things as possible. I think something like 90% of people who Google don't bother going past the first page, so it's not entirely helpful if we're on page 2, 3, and 4...
:P You're doing better then I am Lisa; I still haven't figured out to submit for search engine listings in the first place :P. (With the exception of a few sites that will "submit your sites to 100 search engines for you", but they charge for it.)
Umm Lisa you vited 'other' but didn't comment? I guess I could take that to mean "I already have my own forum again even if you didn't know it so why post on yours if you made one?"? At least that's my attempted interpretation :P.
Sure why not I like forums.
I voted other. I'm not sure how much time I'd have for any new forums.
Sure, why not.
That chapter of my life is long over, and happily so.

ie: No.
Hmm, 'happily so'. Well I actually have no idea who in specific you are, it just because apparent that you were "affiliated" with YSRMB through either the member group or because I thought your name sounded vaguely familiar and therefore checked your friends' list to see how many YSRMB'rs were on it... so if you were ostracized there I'm sorry I didn't realize it.
I never posted much. And no, I was never ostracized...I just dislike reopening chapters of my life once it's clear they're closed. It's far too much like moving backwards for my taste.

Plus, drama llamas smell funny, and there were always a few of those running around.
That's what made (some of) us find real, or even lifelong, friends there... unlike most message boards where if the board dies it doesn't really bother anybody because they didn't really have any attachment to it and/or it's people other then that it was there...
And those I made friends with, I still keep in touch with.
Of course you do; I was referring to the 'drama' part of it.
I won't be able to get on very much, but I'll try to keep up while I'm at my babysiting place. I miss everyone...God and I was just thinking about this yesterday.