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Okay, I have decided to do it.

I'm going to wait until Lisa'a current board (check the comments in my last entry) peters down a bit more, and until I have finished deleteing some things from my e-mail and whatnot so that I'll be less busy, but I *will* make a new YSRMB board.

The problem with Lisa'a current board, and why a lot of people are not showing interest it (including, seemingly, some that were rather positive on my last post), is because it is ALL about anime.  Yes, she does have other forums, and the GC and Polls forum actually have more topics individually, but I'll explain just by saying the three main posters on the board at the moment are Lisa, Wendy, and PsychoFluff, who for those who don't know is much like Wendy in relation to the way she posts regarding anime.  The other person besides me who has posted in most topics is Chris, who while he does not overdo it enough to annoy his other group of friends involving what some people thought of as the "troublemakers" (John/Will/Darcy/Kijuna/etc., and no they don't all fit the category and now I don't personally agree, I'm just explaining which "set" of people I'm referring to), he still likes using terms such as "shippings" etc., so his presence alone does not shift the board over to something else as it's general topic.  While this board could quite possibly sucssed and attract completely *new* members, depending on what Lisa does with it and what other people post, a lot of people who were known at the original YSRMB did not like this kind of thing - some even made fun of those who show this type of personality when talking about anime.  And while most of us actually do or did watch and like anime, when we talk about it, that's not how we want to talk about it.  So my board will be more "general", with a video games forum, general chat, American comics, debates, etc.  I think this will attract many of the original posters at YSRMB, who said they were very interested in having a community again, but are not currently posting at Lisa's board.  Ryan (Oracle of Dreams) comes to mind, for example.  No we will not get *everyone* back because some people simply no longer care, but I think we can be rather sucessful as long as those who are interested, participate.

Another problem I found with Lisa's board, in my opinion, is that the non-anime topics are also mostly rather boring.  For example, there's a topic that pretty much goes like this at the moment:
"I like cats"
"I like cats too"
"Cats are so cuuute!!!!"
"I saw a cat the other day, he was licking his paw, it's so cute I love it~!  I also love it when my cat runs in circles."

In part I believe this is because the main posters at her board are not the ones who were usually sucessful in making *new* topics at the other board.  But in addition it has to do again with the centralized theme (IMO of course): anime, talked abuot the way these girls like to talk, rather then the way the rest of us would talk with our friends about anime (Chris is capable of both).  I am going to take steps to eliminate this type of topic from the board I make, for example, I will not allow topics that are titled with the title of an anime, video game, T.V. Show, etc., and nothing else.  I always thought there was a problem in the anime forum at the original YSRMB, and usually in the video game forum as well, in the the topics were, "Castlevania," which does not leave much to be said, rather then, "Do you think Dante has a psychological problem?," and an explanation of why the poster thinks he could.  The original YGO forums which the board was themed around did not have this problem, as I went all the way back to page 45 or whatever to see some of the topics, and that probably helped made the board interesting and popular for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.

Anyway I will send personal reminders if possible to the people who showed interest whenever I get it set up, and I encourage you to come and try and participate; subscribe to topics by e-mail so that you don't forget when there is no activity for the first few weeks or months as happens with all message boards, but from the mostly-positive and sometimes-ecstatic response I have recieved here, I think we can make this a sucess if we ALL come (who is interested) rather then just the few who have been following along at most attempts such as Chris, Lisa, Hiei and Wendy.

The only thing I'm debating about is a "Rate my Deck" forum, since I would not be interested in these topics because I can't read decks the way they have to be posted in such a forum, which also means I couldn't moniter it as well.  I was thinking of assigning a moderator to that forum, but there might be a problem in finding a moderator who I trust, who is also interested in forum deck ratings/advice, who will also follow the rules as I've written them when making mod decisions on the fourm, who also hasn't voted "No" on my poll (otherwise John might come to mind - maybe Chris but again not sure if he'd boycott if I admin, and also sometimes he enforces incorrectly by accident).

If any other acquaintainces of mine are interested in anime, video games, or chat forums, please comment and let me know and I'll invite you after the initial few weeks once we've gotten our "community" back :P.
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