Kitty (mewgirl) wrote,

Anyone know "Elongated Trout"?

This conversation is weird as hell but I'm pretty sure I know the screenname.

ElongatedTrout (1:02:54 PM): i can haz titpics?
bsbbrianlvr (1:03:20 PM): Dude, that is crazy, lolcats doesn't work for people trying to find sluts.
ElongatedTrout (1:03:22 PM): are you still sending people spam messages??!!!
bsbbrianlvr (1:03:30 PM): Lulz.
bsbbrianlvr (1:03:37 PM): Don't I know you actually?
ElongatedTrout (1:03:55 PM): you could!!!  IDK!!!  What's you're name!!!
bsbbrianlvr (1:04:30 PM): uh...    why dont you tell me how you found my screenname first?  And were you actually looking for porn, or joking?  (This will jhelp me determine whether or not I know you, cause I go by many names)
bsbbrianlvr (1:05:20 PM): Wow...   creative profile...   did you think of that all by yourself?  lol (It says, "This is an AIM profile.")
ElongatedTrout (1:06:02 PM): ummm... Aim made you ask me a question!!!  I quote, "Pope Pius XII was a great President, don't you agree?"
I never found your screenname... you just popped up!!!  In fact, I think this is the second time you've popped up now!!!
bsbbrianlvr (1:07:37 PM): Uh...    no?  SPAM does not ask people about presidents...   now who is this messing with me?  I'm thinking someone from Interordi, but the only one who should have my s/n and doesn't hate me I think is Phat...   or Smirnoff, and yeah your humor style would fit him if it weren't for all the exclamation points.
bsbbrianlvr (1:12:46 PM): Damnyou *shakes fist*
Tags: aim, elongatedtrout, rayvn, trout, weird
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Wow, how stupid...

Thanks, Chrystina...
It's really not that interesting, just incredibly stupid, like all bots. The worst part about it though really is that everyone who posts about it has a link to someone else with a post about it... does anyone really wanna sit around clicking links to bot conversations all day? I hope not!